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Roof construction, repairs, repainting & guttering throughout Port Stephens

One of the best reasons to contact Glen Connell Roofing for all your roof repair, maintenance and construction needs, is our incredible versatility. We have a huge range of services on offer—everything from downpipe installation to complete re-roofs—for clients all throughout the Port Stephens region.

Read more about these services below or simply give Glen a call to organise a quote.
Water Damaged Ceiling — Ceiling Repairs in Boat Harbour, NSW

Leak Detection

Whether it's a small drip or a bucketful pouring from the ceiling, it's time to contract Glen Connell Roofing for an effective and precise solution. With more than 38 years in the roofing industry, our qualified team can reliably locate the source of the leak—such as damage to the roof or improperly sealed ridge capping—and provide an affordable solution.
Roof Reconstruction — Roofing Service in Boat Harbour, NSW

Repairs & Restoration

If your roof has been damaged in a weather event, because of a fallen tree or in any kind of accident, then we can provide full repairs to get it looking as good as new. At Glen Connell Roofing, we can repair all types of residential and commercial roofing, including for clients making an insurance claim for damage in storm conditions.

Of course, your roof doesn't need to be in disrepair to give our team a call. We also specialise in cost-effective and comprehensive roof restorations. This service includes a number of maintenance tasks as well as a full repaint.
Installing a Metal Tile — Roofing Service in Boat Harbour, NSW

Re-Roofs & Additions

There's no better way to add value and protection to an ageing property than with a complete re-roof. Our team supplies and installs the entire roof, as well as the guttering and fascia. If you have a particular style or product in mind for your roof, we will happily work with it to produce the best possible results.

Whether you're adding a carport, or even adding a second storey onto your home, Glen Connell Roofing can fit a council-approved roof extension or addition to suit your needs.
Gutter with Down Pipe — Roofing Service in Boat Harbour, NSW

Gutters & Downpipes

Noticed water pouring out of your gutters in all the wrong places? Give us a call for repairs or replacements for your existing gutters as well as installation of new downpipes.
House Metal Roof — Roofing Service in Boat Harbour, NSW

Metal Fascia Capping

Timber fascias can become weaker and even rotten over time as they are exposed to the weather. This can potentially affect the structural integrity of your roof, not to mention its appearance. Our licensed roofers offer metal capping for your fascias which provide a long-term solution to these problems. The capping comes in a broad range of colours.
Roof Under Construction with Dtacks of Roof Tiles — Roofing Service in Boat Harbour, NSW

Repointing & Rebedding

In order to keep your tiled roofs in top condition, regular repointing and rebedding is essential. If you've noticed any cracks or damage to the mortar around your tiles, make sure you contact our team for a fast and affordable service.

We can find and repair any damage to the bedding or pointing to improve the look of your roof, as well as it's water proofing quality. We'll even colour match the pointing to the rest of the roof.